Game Time! Minimalism Style

A new month has started! Let’s get rid of some more things we don’t need in our lives. I challenge you to the 30 – day minimalist game!

When you look around your home or open doors, do you feel overwhelmed with all the clutter? When was the last time you used those items? Do they bring you joy or add value to your life?

When you ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly, you can find out what really matters and what you can get rid of.

Doing this 30 – day minimalist challenge made me feel less stressed; like I could finally breathe again. I enjoy my home so much more now, because I know exactly where everything is. I only have things I actually use, enjoy, or that serve a purpose. Cleaning takes me half the time and the best thing of all, I can spend more time on things I love doing. Things like spending more quality time with my family. Would you like to experience this for you as well?

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Then let’s get started:

  1. Ask yourself
  • Have I used this in the last 3 months? (Seasonal items like Christmas decorations excluded)
  • Does it add value to my life?
  • Does this item serve a purpose (or more than one purpose)?
  • Does this item make me happy?

These questions will help you when you get stuck on things with sentimental value or are just simply hard to let go of. There will be some items in that category that you want to keep and that is perfectly fine. I had to face this with pictures and keepsakes. I can’t keep them all, so I decided to scan all my pictures and upload them to one of those electronic picture frames. Now I can see all my pictures and people are actually stopping and looking at the slideshow which in turn frequently starts a conversation leading to more great memories being made as relationships develop.


2. Don ask the wrong question:

  • What if I need it someday?
  •  could I keep it just in case?
  •  should I hold onto it until I decide whether or not I need it?
  • What if the person that gave it to me gets upset?

Questions like this make you doubt yourself and question your plan in a way that will allow you to keep things you don’t actually need. Let’s stop this madness and concentrate on the things that are important in your life right now; the things you are actually using.


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3. Storage

Have a room you where you can store the items you will donate or sell. On day one of the challenge, I scheduled a yard sale to take place after the challenge was over. That way, I made sure that I definitely got those items out of my home by the end of the month at the very latest. Prior to that I tried to sell all my electronic items online on different yard sale sites, eBay, or craigslist. I drove to the donation center twice; once after the half-way point in the challenge and the second time after my yard sale. That way all the item I did not sell went to donation as well. Nothing I decided to get rid of remained in my house.

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4. Involve your loved ones

Even though your partner may not yet be a dedicated minimalist or your children don’t want to give up any of their toys, get them involved. Be the role model and show them how it’s done. Show them that you are also getting rid of your stuff and how good it feels. Eventually, they may even start bringing things to the yard sale or donation center on their own.


5. The Game

The 30-day minimalist challenge will help you get rid of stuff that is not necessary in your life and/or doesn’t make you happy. Everything that you haven’t used in the last 3 months (except seasonal items) should go. You can donate, sell, or toss. Everything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, kitchen items… you get the idea. This challenge can help you get a great start into a new and meaningful life.


Basically, this is how it works:

  • Day 1: Get rid of one item
  • Day 2: Get rid of two items
  • Day 3: Get rid of three items
  • Day 4: …I don’t remember exactly what you are supposed to do on day four… Oh yeah! You get rid of four items.


Anyway, you continue on in this fashion for thirty days. It doesn’t sound very hard at first but it will get more difficult towards the end of the challenge.


So, let’s get started on living a more meaningful life. If you would like a little help on your way, I have created a free 30-Day Minimalist Check-list + BONUS material. I would love to see some pictures or hear about your story. Just shoot me a message or connect with me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Talk to you soon




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