The 30- day minimalist challenge – Week 4

What did this accomplish?


Well I can tell you this much: It is a great start to a more meaningful and a less stressful life. After I cleaned out every room (except the kid’s rooms, I will do that separately with them); my family and I are feeling so much more relaxed in our home. I will continue de-cluttering, but the base is set. This challenge opened my eyes in so many ways. This last month decluttering made me realize how much better and easier life is with only the things that are useful and necessary. Yes, it is and always will be a work in progress because we have to resist the temptation of bringing back unnecessary things into our home.


To gather items for week 4 was sometimes very difficult for me because I had to find 175 items to get rid of! Not only that, I had to find 175 items that we could live without after having spent three weeks getting rid of all the stuff we didn’t need! That being said, went through all my other closets and collected some more clothes. I also went through my drawers and cabinets and found some other items that had been forgotten about. To list and show you every single item would take up a lot of space and to be honest, I don’t think you need to see all the stuff I have collected over the years. What I will show you is a picture of the room I mentioned in my week three blog where I have been collecting everything I will get rid of.

But before I show you that, let me tell you about all the fun I had with the list I said I would make in my week 3 of the 30- day minimalist challenge. One point on my list was to tell people something positive, about themselves or something they have done, that made a difference. I felt strange and a little nervous at first, because telling someone I don’t know very well something positive that I noticed about them is not something I have really done a lot before, so this was a big step for me.  I am telling you, it is the best feeling ever. Putting a smile on someone’s face and giving him or her that feeling of being noticed is just amazing.

I have always known that minimalism is not just de-cluttering; it is living better and making the most of your day. It is making other people’s day better. I have always known that, but it is really beginning to truly sink in. Try it! Set your phone aside and just enjoy the moments you have with your children, partner, friends or family. Nothing matters more than spending time with the people you love and care for. Set aside time to give your body what it needs (meaning rest, healthy food and fitness) so that you can enjoy each day to the fullest extent possible. We only have a short time on this planet, so let’s make it count!!

Anyway, back to the pit (as my husband has begun calling the room where I collected everything to get rid of). I have already scheduled my yard sale for the weekend after next and I am so excited to finally finish getting rid of everything that we haven’t already trashed or donated (not to mention being able to use this room again). Take a look:


All this will go on my yard sale/ donation

Bam!! (You should have seen it before we got rid of all the stuff that we donated!)

Well this 30-day minimalist challenge gave me a lot to think about and has already changed my life in some great ways. How did it affect you? How did the clutter effect your life? I would love to hear how this was for you or if you are going to start and try this challenge yourself. Shoot me an email or comment below.


Talk to you soon,



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