The 30-day-minimalist challenge -Week 3

It is a known fact that we always do what feels good, familiar and is in our comfort zone. It is the same when it comes to clothes. Isn’t it true that you always reach for the ONE shirt or the ONE skirt that you KNOW it makes you feel good, comfortable and beautiful? So, why have all these other items that just confuse you? Like those jeans you are saving; the ones that fit you before you got pregnant. Like the sweater or scarf you were wearing on your first date with you husband, but you only keep it for memories. Or just the simple T-shirt that you bought to make you feel better, but now it is just hanging in your closet.

Let’s face it! We don’t need those items that remind us of something from our past. That gives us this uncomfortable feeling of failure and regret. These clothes make us question ourselves every single day. Are we good enough, are we fashion forward, do we own the brand that everyone is wearing these days?

The answer is NO, we do not. Let’s get rid of the clothes and the items that drag you down and make you questions yourself. The ones that make it hard on you to get dressed in the morning because of the overload on fabric hanging in your closet.

When I started cleaning out my closets piece by piece, I went through all of these feelings: failure, regret, stress, confusion and just feeling overwhelmed. But stripping my closet of these unwanted emotions, made me realize what I am left with.

I was left with the outfits that make me feel GOOD about who I am. The items that I favored over all the other clothes in my closet. The clothes that always reached the surface, even when they were buried under all the other jeans and shirts.

So, what does this tell us? It tells us not to always bend to society’s standards. Not to buy impulsively because of a trend that is only lasting for a while before there is something better!

My recipe for a perfectly minimalist closet: Stick with the items that make you feel beautiful, powerful, and boost your self-esteem. Add some basic color and switch things out occasionally to keep it interesting. If you buy something new, get rid of something that is hanging on your clothes rack. If you stick to these basic rules, you will never need more than 5 min to pick out your outfit for the day.

As you could see, week 3 was all about de-cluttering my closet and feeling good in my skin. The finish line is so close now. Week 4 is the last week in this 30-day-minimalist challenge and I am so excited and a little nervous to show you the “Room of Woe”. I mean, the room where I have been storing all the stuff I am getting rid of… In week 4, I will go through every room and just get rid of the items I feel like I missed. And maybe, just maybe, my children will get rid of some toys… I am really looking forward to hearing about things you have done in week 3 and what you plan for week 4, so please don’t disappoint me by not telling!

Catch you later


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