30-day minimalist challenge Week 2 – memories

Did you notice how difficult week two was? I started on my living room, this room was one of the hardest rooms. I never realized how many memories I have stocked up on shelves and walls. Since the day we moved from Germany to the USA, every item from Germany became very important and precious to me so it has been hard for me to remove things like pictures and keepsakes. I did remove quite a bit though and the rest is a work-in-progress.

This is absolutely fine, because I do love looking at it and thinking about family and friends from Germany. Minimalism isn’t about getting rid of things that bring value and joy to your life and at the moment, these things are still doing that.

While I was working on my living room, I noticed that the room where I have been stocking up all the things I want to donate or sell was getting too crowded; almost to the point that I didn’t want to go in there anymore. I thought I could wait until I am done with the 30–day–challenge to get rid of it all, but I ended up having to drive to the donation center already just to clean the room out and make space for more stuff.

So, this week, some of this stuff finally left my home for good. Wow! What a relief it is to see it go. This room slowly became my personal clutter hell, I would get anxious just thinking of it. It was just time to get rid of things. I really did think that I could make it until the end of this challenge to only have 2 trips to the donation center but man was I wrong. So, my tip for you, and I strongly urge you to do this, find time to donate after every week.

"Discover what’s essential 

to reach your objective,

 and then eliminate the rest."

– The Minimalists


Now for week 3 of this minimalist challenge. I am tackling my master bedroom and starting on my closets. I believe I have 7 closets in this house that I have to minimalize and I know there are a lot of things to get rid of. Of course, that might be a good thing since the number of items to get rid of increases every day.

While I de-clutter my home I’ve been thinking of things I would like to change in order to use my days more efficiently, in a way that brings joy to me and the people around me. If you read the book Minimalism, you know that they said to brainstorm about things you would love to do more. Things that add value to your routines and allow you to live more meaningfully every day. This is why I started making a list of things I would like to increase or get rid of in my day.

This is what I came up with, my “must do” list:

You must eat healthy

You must do more exercise

You must read more

You must write more

You must tell at least 3 people something you nice about them

You must take more family time

You must do something to help others

You must get rid of friends that don’t add value

You must limit the use of electronics (phone, tablet etc.)

You must take time for yourself


De- cluttering is only the first step, but to really get the most out of it and to start living more meaningfully, I’m going to start implementing my list in my life. I always can add more things to the list. I would love for you to start your own list and let me know a couple of the things on it. Think about the things that would bring value to your daily routine. Why not de-clutter and find a way to use our days more efficiently.

Now let’s get motivated for week 3 of this challenge. You are doing great.

See you next week.




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