The 30 day minimalist challenge- Week 1- Doesn’t it feel good?

Wow!! Doesn’t it feel good? Week one of my minimalist challenge is over and I never ever though that I had that much stuff I didn’t need in my life.

The rules state that you start with one item on day one and two on day two and so on. Plus you have to make sure that your stuff has left the building in 24 hours. That means you either donated, sold or tossed the item. That being said,  my minimalist challenge might have turned out to be an edited version of the original.

I decided to start with my kitchen. We always have lots of stuff laying on the counter top and the drawers. Since the kitchen is one of the main rooms we are in during the day, it was important to me to simplify this room first.

I started to make 3 piles. Toss, donate and sell. Rules state I had to get rid of 28 items in week one. Easy enough. I believe everybody can find 28 items in their house today, unless you are already a minimalist.

I concentrated more on my kitchen, I thought about the things that are necessary in a kitchen; the things I use on a daily base. There are 4 people in our household, so I decided to downsize on my silverware and plates and only have 6 of everything (two extra in case of guests). Makes it simple and easy. I don’t know about you but I had plates for daily use and some for hosting. Since I decided to enjoy life and live in the here and now, I get to dine on my nicer plates. “Kids will still have their own plates until it is safer ;-)”

This is a little video of me de-cluttering my kitchen:



I felt relieved after I got rid of my Tupperware cache. You can say I am a Tupperware addict. Not sure if I am the only one with that issue or not? Anyone else struggle with that?

What did I realize after my first week of de-cluttering? My kitchen seems easier and simpler. It only takes me 5 min to clean up everything and I feel like I can breath again. I don’t feel like my stuff is taking over anymore. I am back in control and that is an excellent feeling.

Now, in week 2, I will tackle my living room. I have lots of toys, books, and pictures in my living room. Some of these items have sentimental value too, so I am not sure how I will face that yet. It may not be easy. Plus, week two will make me get rid of almost 70 items in my house. So, I might have to start on one more room. OH don’t forget to sign up for my free 30 Day Minimalist Check-list + Bonus material.

Let me know how your second week in this challenge is going. What are thing that you find hard to get rid of? Keep me updated.

Talk to you soon,



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