30 – day minimalist challenge- little update

Today is day two of my minimalist challenge and I don’t feel any different yet. Well, it’s only been two days.  But I was thinking about how I will tackle this 30 challenge and I came up with a game plan.

On the beginning, I will pick items I can get rid of fast. Then, I will go on to items I will sell. Last, on the end of this month-long challenge, I will tackle the closets since you need to get rid of a lot of items at once. Everything I am selling will be stored in one room and on the end of this challenge I will have a yard sell scheduled and everything that is left over from that yard sale will be to donate or toss. I know this will break the 24 hour rule. So I wanted to hear some thoughts on how you are going to do this? I don’t always have the chance to go everyday and donate, so I thought collecting and doing a one time donation or yard sale will take care of everything at once. What do you think?

If you just heard about this challenge go ahead and join me. I would love to do this with you. Let me know what your thoughts are. If you join me on this journey let me know how you are doing? Do you have a strategy or are you just winging it? What do you think of the 24 hour rule?

Talk to you soon!



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3 thoughts on “30 – day minimalist challenge- little update

  1. Oh! I’m doing this challenge this month too. I’m also breaking the 24 hour rule. It’s just not feasible for me to go to the donation drop off center every day. I just have bags for donate items by my back door that I will load up and take at least by the end of the month. There’s always a little giveaway pile there so I feel like I already have good habits around it. I’ve never been one to pull something back out once it’s there.

    1. Everybody has clothes they dress often. Your go to outfits, the ones you know you feel good in. Keep those and get rid of the rest. ? it will make it so much easier to find something to wear.

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