Wall shelf DYI for minimalist – stop the temptation.

Ok since I decided to change my way of living and go “minimalist” I would like to show you how I decided to simplify my nightstand situation. There was always lots of thing in my nightstand. They had a cubby hole and a cabinet door to hide all kinds of nick knacks. So, I got rid of my old night stands and built some that are simple, in budget and serve their purpose.

Now lets get started this is what you need:

4x   1×2, 11 1/4in long

4x   1×6, 2ft long

4x   L bracket with a cross support

8x   ½in Wood screws

16x   1in Ring Shank nail, beige

8x   1/8in Washers

8x   1/8in Locking washers

1x   1 ¼in Wood Bore bit

1x   Hammer

1x   Wood glue

1 can Minwax wood finish read oak 215 and 1 can classic gray 271


This is the end result. I love the new shelves, plus no more clutter. Let me know what you think?

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11 thoughts on “Wall shelf DYI for minimalist – stop the temptation.

  1. So cool! I love built-in fixtures like this because they are so modern and she so much space! And I think everything in my house that I made looks better because I know I made it 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    1. I switched from a nightstand cabinet to a shelf because i would hide all kinds of things in there and to not get tempted I decided to go with The shelf that just serves its purpose. I just started my journey into the minimalism lifestyle. I read this great book from the minimalist that helped me go in the right direction. I start my 30 day minimalist challenge August 1st maybe you would like to join me.

  2. The finished product looks great! Thanks for sharing this; I never would have been able to create something like this otherwise! I also want to move to a more minimalistic style when I give my house a makeover soon, so I’ll keep this in mind 🙂

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