• Wall shelf DYI for minimalist – stop the temptation.

    Ok since I decided to change my way of living and go “minimalist” I would like to show you how I decided to simplify my nightstand situation. There was always lots of thing in my nightstand. They had a cubby hole and a cabinet door to hide all kinds of nick knacks. So, I got rid of my old night stands and built some that are simple, in budget and serve their purpose.

    Now lets get started this is what you need:

    4x   1×2, 11 1/4in long

    4x   1×6, 2ft long

    4x   L bracket with a cross support

    8x   ½in Wood screws

    16x   1in Ring Shank nail, beige

    8x   1/8in Washers

    8x   1/8in Locking washers

    1x   1 ¼in Wood Bore bit

    1x   Hammer

    1x   Wood glue

    1 can Minwax wood finish read oak 215 and 1 can classic gray 271


    This is the end result. I love the new shelves, plus no more clutter. Let me know what you think?

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  • Minimalism – start to live now

    Start the 30-Day Minimalism challenge

    I am constantly searching for ways to live better, to improve my way of living and to be a good role model for my children. The other day I was looking for something to read on my time off (with kids that happens only at nap time) and I came across this book Minimalism by The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus).


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    This book talks about how to live a meaningful life with less stuff. Since we all have some clutter in our lives (I know I do) I thought I would recommend this book to you. The authors recommend reading one chapter per day or you can just read through it in a day or two. It’s completely up to you.

    You can also watch their documentary on Netflix called “The Minimalists”

    So, if you would like to start the 30-Day Minimalism challenge with me to live a more meaningful life with less stuff, you can download the book on Amazon for the Kindle and start to live better. Anyone can do it, whether you are single, a couple, or a family with children. It has definitely motivated me to try it out. Let me know if you would like to join me on this journey. I will be documenting my progress and would love to hear your feedback as well!

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    Minimalist journey starting August 1st click on link to see the video.

  • One heart between two countries- living abroad

    I believe, most of the people that decided to pack up all their things and make the big move to a different country know and understand what I mean with “One heart between two countries”.

    My heritage is very important to me. More now than it ever was. The move to America gave my family a new opportunity; a start to build a life for my husband and I and later on for my children. It was not easy for us to make this move to a different country. For me, a little more than for my husband maybe.

    Since I had to give up the option to see my family every day, spend time with them, and to sit with them for hours and hours. For my children to grow up with Oma and Opa and all of the family, the community and all the people around me that I have known since I was little. I miss the familiar town I grew up in. The quick walks downtown to a nearby Café. The traditions and customs e.g. at Christmas or all the different fests. All this, I miss so deeply and my children will never get to feel this kind of connection to Germany that I got to love and cherish. This is also why I try to raise them to be bilingual. (See my post here  for “Want your kids to speak more than one language? Try this!”) and keep the traditions alive.

    Some of the thing we do to keep Germany in our hearts and minds are:

                    • Sitting down in the afternoon and have coffee time
                    • Visiting German restaurants in the area
                    • Sitting down to eat as a family every Sunday for lunch
                    • Skyping with family and friends from Germany
                    • Cooking our favorite German dishes
                    • Practicing some of our traditions e.g. celebrating Christmas on the 24th and reading stories about the Christkind
                    • Watching German TV shows
                    • Finding Germans in our community or online
                    • Going to Oktoberfest in the USA

    There are many things you can do to feel closer to your home country and if nothing works. I guess, there is always the option to fly to your loved ones in Germany.

    There is also the other side (America) pulling and teasing me with all its opportunities. This country has given us so much. Besides all the great freedoms, life choices, and career options we have here, we also have the other side of our family; my husband’s side. We would not want to leave them. They have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like one of their own since day one. I will always be so grateful for that.

    We are very fortunate to have them in our lives and they have made living here so much easier. I know not everybody gets to have this option when they move to a different Country. Most of you leave family behind like I had too.  But besides family, we have the options to try out new thing here that I would never even have thought of in Germany and would not want to miss, like:

                    • fishing and camping
                    • traveling to all the different States
                    • the food options (great steaks, burgers, etc.)
                    • the freedom to have so many options to choose from, if it is job-wise or where and how to live. (The American Dream)


    A lot of people ask me, in the 4 years we have lived in the USA: “What is the ‘American Dream’ for you?” I always answer with: “The option to see another world, to open my eyes to new and different things, and to cherish every moment with my loved ones. That is the American Dream for me.

    So, I can say, no matter what the future will bring; whether we stay in the USA or go back to Germany someday. My heart will always be split between to two countries.

    There is this saying:

    “You can take the girl out of Germany, but you can’t take Germany out of the Girl.” I believe this is true no matter where you come from.

    So, what is your story; your experience with living in a different country? I would love to talk with you about the things you love in each country. What is something you would miss in the countries you have to share your heart with?

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    This is my free check-list for traveling with children. I hope it will help you to stay organized and not to over pack your bags.

    Also check out my post about How to travel with your kids like a Rockstar.

    Please let me know if this was helpful for you. Comment below.

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  • Today in my refrigerator ?!

    Sometimes you have to be creative as a mom. There are days where you don’t have time to go shopping or your kids are crazy and not fit for public. That is the time to open your refrigerator and look at what you got. Since it also has to be a quick and easy meal for dinner or lunch, I would like to stay under 30 min. In my home, we always have eggs and milk. So, let’s see what we got…

    Milk, eggs, ham and noodles from my pantry. This sounds very promising, we could do a lot of meals with these ingredients. I decided to go with:


    Ham & Noodle pan 4-5 persons


    Noodles – 400g

    Eggs – 2

    Ham – 200g

    Milk – 2Tbl

    Bacon bits – 100 g

    Onion – 1 small (or ½ of a big onion)

    Butter – 3Tbl

    Basil – 1Tbl

    Salt – 1tsp

    Pepper – 1 tsp


    Start by cooking the noodles in water with a little salt until they are al dente. While the noodles are cooking, you can start cutting up the onions, ham, and bacon into small pieces.

    When that is done, heat up the butter in a big pan over medium heat and add the onions, ham, and bacon. While they brown, you can start whisking the eggs, milk, basil, salt, and pepper together in a different bowl.

    After you drain the noodles, add them to the pan with the onions, ham, and bacon. Then, add the egg mix to the pan and mix it well with the other ingredients.

    Only thing left to do is bask in the praise your family showers upon you while you enjoy a well-cooked meal!

    Guten Appetit!


    Side note: instead of the ham you can use hot dogs or chicken or any other kind of meat you have at home. You can leave out the bacon if you like it a little healthier and add any kind of vegetable. There is no limit to the things you can do to this dish. Just get creative and have fun.

  • Want your kids to speak more than one language? Try this!

    Post Image

    Language is something most people don’t think about. It is easy to slip into the habit of speaking only one at home.

    When my son was born, we decided to raise him in more than one language: English and German. I always wanted for him to talk to his grandparents in German. He needed to get more than just a taste of the culture and the things that I grew up with. At least, I don’t want him to miss out on all these things just because we decided to move to the US.

    From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I started reading my son stories in my mother language. I talked to him in German whenever I could (which is not easy because everybody around me speaks English). But one thing I have learned is to be consistent. I do have to admit, this was not easy for me. My husband speaks mostly English (with a little bit of German) and no one else around us speaks any German at all. It is easy to let your mother language “die”, so to speak.

    To keep your language alive, you need to stick with it, no matter what. I admit, I slacked off from time to time but always came back to speaking German with him. Now my little boy is turning 5 soon and he understands German without thinking twice. When he turned 3 he started to use more and more words in German instead of English and even translated some words for his Papa; I was so proud of him.

    Here are some pointers that helped us not to lose the minority language.


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    1. Consistency

    I cannot mention it often enough, you have to stay on task. We live in the US, which means the main language spoken is English. If you want your kids to grow up speaking more than one language, you have to stick to the minority language no matter what. It was especially hard for me when I left the house. All around me I heard English, so I was automatically more tempted to speak English. Especially in the park when you talk to other people. Mistakes happen, but like everything else it will get easier, as long as you always go back to consistently speaking your mother language it won’t matter.

    1. Books, Books, Books

    We made it our nightly routine to read German stories and he loves it. Every now and then, Grandma sends us some books from Germany. You also can buy some books on Amazon or other websites, or you just buy some on your next visit to Germany. (one of our favorites books “Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein”)


    1. Audio CD

    We like to keep screen time limited, so I thought I would get some German audio CDs and a CD player in my son’s room. He loves to turn on the CD player when he is playing in his room or sometimes during naps. A great way to get more of that second language exposure.

    1. TV

    Try to find your child’s favorite show in the language you would like him to improve in. We love to use YouTube. They have lots of German speaking shows and movies for kids.

    1. Preschool

    Now that my son is turning five, I decided to get some German preschool work books for him to work on the basic skills a preschooler should know. Another thing we are going to do is to introduce him to German daycare for some time at our next visit to Germany.

    I hope I have been able to give you some ideas on how to raise your kids in more than one language. I would love to hear your ideas and about the things you are doing to keep your language alive.

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  • Welcome!! About me…

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    Willkommen to Corina Time. Ha! You saw this little twist right. Yes, I speak German. I am born and raised there. I consider myself a “lifestyle blogger”, I am blogging about all things I love and consider interesting.

    Above all I Love my family which resides in Germany and the United States, but besides this I am addicted to art in every form. I love to DIY, cook, travel, and I am obsessed with the minimalism lifestyle.

    My journey to write came from being a SAHM. I needed an outlet for myself and I love to connect with people, this is why I started this blog. Marrying an American Soldier and moving from Germany to the United States in 2012 was a crazy, lifechanging adventure for me and my family. We have now 2 wonderful and amazing kids that keep me busy with all the challenges they throw at me each day. I hope I to hear about some of your lifetime experiences and challenges. I am so glad you stopped by, now;


    Let start this journey,


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  • Traveling with kids



    Traveling with two kids to Europe. Let me start with, “What on earth did I get myself into!?” I am sure, everything on our trip to the grandparents went wrong. Like it was not already stressful enough to fly with a 3-year old and a 9-month old by myself across continents. No, we not only missed one of our connecting flights, we also had to deal with 100 toilet breaks, crying outbursts, oh, and not to forget the stomach bug my 9-month old came down with (which turned out to be her first tooth coming in). Yep, I know what you are thinking… This woman is insane. I guess you have to be a little crazy and daring with strong nerves to get through this. 24 hours and 3 airplanes later here are the tips and tricks to stay calm and in control.



    1. Pack extra clothes!!

    For my 3-year old, I packed 2 outfits and for my 9-month old 3. (Sleepers are easy-on/easy-off if needed.) I also packed 1 extra outfit for myself. Oh boy did I need them all… My 9-month old had two mega blow outs and both of them leaked through (one time on me). (Oh, the joys of teething.) My 3-year old was just fine no spills (so proud of him).



    1. Keep Cool


    Before we left, I was so worried that my kids would be the ones that were screaming and loud on the 9-hour flight. What would the other people think about me and my kids? I’ll tell you what, I did not care what the other people thought on that day. It was crazy enough as it was, when my 9-month old decided to start teething that day. That tooth controlled our entire trip!


    So, yes there was a lot of crying, but the more you worry about what others might think and the looks on other people’s faces, the more stressed you will get. Your stress will be felt by the kids and they will be affected by it too.


    Just stay as calm and be as understanding as you can. It is a lot on their little bodies and minds. Just comfort them as good as you can and ask for help if needed. The flight attendants were all very helpful, so just keep cool mama 😎.

    1. Be Mobile


    I thought I could manage with only my baby carrier for my 9-month old and my 3-year old could walk. But, I am so glad I decided to also bring along an easy-to-fold stroller for my older kid. Not only could I manage to move quickly to my connecting flight, it also made it easier because he could rest in the stroller. I was no struggle keeping him by my side. In addition, the airports are big; there are lots of people and it gets stressful. Trying to make him walk while he is overtired would have been a terrible mistake.


    1. Ask for Help


    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are nice people around you that will help get your suitcase from the baggage claim. Flight attendant will try to make your flight easier and help you out if you need to go on toilet or with other little things.


    1. Food


    Both of my kids did not care for the food on the airplane. They ate a small amount of the plate they put in front of them but got hungry very quickly after. So always have lots of snacks with you or let them eat a meal at the airport. We went and got us a meal before the flight and took it with us on the plain. That way they could always have something if they needed it or, if momma needed it, because no way did I have a chance to eat at the times they gave out food on the flight. You could ask the flight attendant if they would save your food until they could spare the time to watch your screaming little girl while you eat as fast as you can.


    Well as crazy as it was, I would do it again. Time with the Grandparents mate it all worth it. I hope I could help you a little bit and did not scare you away from flying with two little ones. It was crazy that time, but on our way home it was all so much easier and calmer.


    What were your funniest and craziest things that happened traveling with your kids? Do you have any other live saving tips for us parents?

    Download my free check-list for traveling with children here